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Warner Music Ltd & Sony Music USA- 2016
Pink Floyd - The early years 1965-1972

Warner Music Ltd & Sony Music USA- 2016

The Boxset looks like a big LoL box, with a diagonal white gloss Spot UV silkscreen stripe on a matt anti-scratch background well matched between bottom and lid and a high belly band, but once opened, it reveals a complex box, with so many different layers and components. The box itself has a bottom with neck and its black foam filler to house a smaller rectangular shaped Lol box. This Memorabilia box on black board with printed outerwraps, has a filler on black foam with a central fitment and thumb-cut on the side, to contain 5 vinyls On the foam filler is placed a set of Memorabilia carefully wrapped with personalized tissue paper and sealed with a round adhesive with monogram. The Memorabilia Set, consists of over 40 different pieces. The casebound slipcase, contains seven different DVD Casebound Coverpack.

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